We’re living in a unique cultural moment. Tech is now completely immersed in our lives, while the contemporary female voice is rapidly gaining airtime. This convergence of events places us at a fascinating intersection - presenting creators, businesses, and decision-makers with major opportunities. But in the face of constant competition, what makes one experience, one game, one story - more believable or relatable than another? How has the feminine voice influenced ideation and content, to reach people on a personal level? And most importantly, is there a way to rethink how we craft experiences to make sure we don’t edit the ‘humanity’ out of the process? 

Amplify Her is a gritty, transformative storyworld centered around female electronic musicians exploring their roles in the next rise of the feminine. The realm includes a feature documentary film, and a 6-part graphic novel and motion comic series created by a team of 25 women. This talk will use real-life examples from Amplify Her to outline some experimental, collaborative strategies that you can put to work now.