The tech world welcomes, supports and funds innovation and disruption in every area of our lives and work - except one: the one that has the potential to produce more unicorns, make more money and drive more profound social benefit than any other area of tech. 

Cindy Gallop, founder and CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn, delivers a highly provocative, insightful, revelatory and wide-ranging examination of why we need to re-examine our attitudes towards and behavior around sex, and the key role sextech plays in redesigning the future of sex. She'll talk about what sextech is and what it can be; important UX considerations in this most sensitive of all areas; why sextech is the perfect sector in which to do good and make money simultaneously; the battles she and other sextech entrepreneurs fight every day to build their ventures, that demonstrate why this disruption is so badly needed; why the most innovative sextech startups are driven by female founders; and why every other big bet ever made in the history of tech, pales against sextech.