Eric spaulding uxweek16

I am a principal interaction designer, design lead, and multimedia storyteller formerly at IDEO SF where my work focused on the intersection of interaction design and storytelling. In the past decade as a creative director and designer, I have helped brands discover the story of their business, and then express it in memorable ways. At IDEO, our clients were eager to peer over the edge of today and discover the weak signals from the future that would help them transform their products and services. In the process, we designed new ways for clients to tell stories, and have tinkered with existing platforms like Pinterest as means to design and distribute stories.

In 2012 I wrote, produced, and puppet-mastered the world’s first transmedia comedy called Love & Luck(y), about a young couple, their ‘talking’ English Pointer pup, and the world’s first talk therapist for dogs. The story played out on 3 levels -- Twitter accounts for the young couple, YouTube videos of Lucky dog posted by the husband, and crowdsourced testimonials from audiences members who wanted to play a part in the production. This 8-week immersion blurred the lines between fiction and reality by creating a fictional world that was inhabited by real people, adding to the world and shaping its course in the process.

My forthcoming project -- Sworn Testimony -- is a novella/musical recording about a one hit wonder soul jazz saxophonist who is rediscovered after years of teaching music theory to petulant high school kids. Each of the 12 medium chapters will have its own unique musical track, and will chronicle his rise and fall as a working musician.

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