Nick crampton uxweek16

Nick is a firm believer in the power of design, and its ability to bring people together to solve problems big and small (preferably big).

An advocate for interdisciplinary teams and the duty of every designer to help inspire more designers, Nick honed his own collaborative design skills while studying and working at the Institute Without Boundaries in Toronto, Canada.

Nick originally gravitated to experience design while researching wearable sensor networks during his undergraduate studies. Since realizing he was more interested in people and all their quirky behaviour*, he’s worked as an interactive artist, an exhibit designer, a conference producer, a teacher, a developer, a researcher, and–of course–a designer.

Before joining Adaptive Path, Nick brought his unique perspective as a human centred* designer and consultant to clients like ARUP, Bruce Mau Design, Evergreen, Heart and Stroke Foundation, IMAX, and Sony.

When not burning through Post-Its at an alarming rate, Nick can be found riding his bike, exploring new cities around the world, growing his own veggies, and experimenting with new flavours* in the kitchen.

*Nick is a proud Canadian.

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