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With 19 years in the game industry and time served in theme parks, internet and film before that, Martin Caplan has done some pretty fun stuff. As Founder & Producer of the Mystic Midway, he works to keep San Francisco Bay Area and beyond a place for innovative performance that combines deep inquiry, social theater, and mixed reality technologies.

Currently he’s making games as medical devices at Pear Therapeutics, using his considerable entertainment prowess for serious good.

In the past, Martin has been a Senior Producer at Playstudios making AAA social casino mobile games and a connected toys platform producer at Robot 11. Before that, he was a Producer at BioWare / EA leading teams to create amazing next generation experiences in mobile games with worldwide franchises. He was Senior Producer and New Business Director at Other Ocean, pitching and running projects in the mobile/social space. At Sixense, he served as Senior Producer leading an internal dev team to create innovative gameplay for the Razer Hydra motion control hardware in a Valve game mod for Portal 2. He was previously a Producer at Sega of America for 6+ years with 18 shipped titles. 

Marty has worked in the serious games industry as a game and interface design consultant for U.S. intelligence and military agencies, earning Secret clearance. A seasoned alpha geek, he founded and sold Paragon Games, a tabletop RPG game company, developing and publishing RPG books and boardgames. In the dawn of internet pre-history, he worked at Mosaic Communications as one of the world’s first web designers and was an intern in the story department on Toy Story at Pixar.

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