Organizations struggle with delivering cohesive product and service experiences. This is largely due to a lack of a common language and collaborative work practices.

This workshop will introduce you to frameworks, methods, and tools designed to address these common misalignments and gaps. As a group, we will simulate iteratively, defining and designing an omnichannel service experience. With each iteration, you will experience the challenges of collaborating within a large team that aims to create a holistic service journey. You will then learn strategies and apply methods for creating clarity and alignment.

By the end of the session, you will be better equipped to take action when you see experience misalignment and influence others to experiment with how to work differently towards better end-to-end experience outcomes.

Note: This is an intermediate level workshop. Participants are expected to have a solid foundation in human-centered design. It’s best suited for people looking to improve or push their practice beyond digital touchpoints to designing for experiences across channels, time, and space.